Bandfuse: Rock Legends (PS3, XBox 360) - Realta Entertainment, 2013

Originally contracted for VFX, shaders, and particles. Duties expanded to include UI design, art asset creation and optimization, plus a few odds and ends like video production.
Bandfuse - Menu Fire VFX
The very first directive upon arrival was "Make some awesome fire behind those buttons".
Bandfuse - 4x player gameplay example
I owned VFX, scripting, and art for the gameplay screen. Got vocal pitch tracking in at the 11th hour.
Bandfuse - Note shader texture masks
To save memory, the shader for the notes used color masks. Also easier to update art assets that way.
Bandfuse - Positive feedback electric VFX
Shader used as positive feedback. Created undulating energy using a turbulence map.
Bandfuse - Negative feedback burn VFX
Shader used x-position and specialized alpha map to burn away missed notes.
Bandfuse - Tuner optimization
I got the tuner up from 10fps to 60fps and came up with the 'mute to advance' feature.

The GameMaster's Apprentice (Physical Card Deck) - Larcenous Designs Ltd., 2014

Layout, design, art, and scripted pdf generation pipeline for a card deck used to assist in table-top role playing. Designed to be reskinned with minimal fuss.
Now available at
GameMaster's Apprentice - Design
An astonishing amount of information can be packed into the final version of the template.
GameMaster's Apprentice - Kickstarter Page
Successfully kickstarted with 500% funding and all stretch goals.
GameMaster's Apprentice - Scripting
Created Python script to scrape spreadsheet data and generate cards, allowing for easy updates and new deck themes.

Naval Battles Prototype (Mobile/Web) - Blue Shift Inc., 2014

Prototype for stylized realtime ship-to-ship combat. Responsible for all art, UI/UX, and most of the front end code to make it go.
Naval Battles - Ship configuration
Different ship configurations are available. Eventual customization was planned.
Naval Battles - Combat gameplay
Players juggle crew, weapons, and cards in realtime. Flooding and armor both affect health.
Naval Battles - Cards
Weapons dealt damage, while cards could represent persistent effects or even support craft.

ToddleQuest (Mobile/Web) - 2011 (was cancelled)

Mobile fantasy themed gamified infant/toddler milestone tracking app. UX/UI, Wireframes and artwork. 2012
ToddleQuest - Babies chewing things illustration
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: No Profile
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: No Hero
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: Select Hero
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: Achievements
ToddleQuest - Babies swaddled illustration
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