Technical Artist, Blue Shift Inc.(2005 – Present)

Depending on the project, responsibilities include UI design and implementation, texture manipulation, prototyping, creating scripts and tools for artists, automating art pipelines, writing and augmenting CG shaders, game design, concept art, internal documentation, and performing general art-related firefighting.

Notable Projects

Bandfuse: Rock Legends Realta Entertainment

Technical Artist Feb. 2012-Nov. 2013

Game UI design and art, vfx, Scaleform integration, 2d static and animated art asset creation, shaders, optimization, bug hunting, video production.

The Jungle OS Panasonic

Lead Technical Artist Feb.-Dec. 2010

Building OS for handheld gaming device which was never launched. UI and interaction design, UI framework prototyping and implementation, page flow diagrams and wireframes.


BFA in Multimedia Design, University of Oregon, 2000-2005


Photography, video games, tabletop games, rock climbing, cooking


  • War CommanderKixeye, '14 (PC, browser)
  • Bandfuse: Rock LegendsRealta, '13 (PS3, 360)
  • FarmvilleZynga, '12 (PC, browser)
  • Saints Row 3THQ, '11 (PS3, 360, PC)
  • UFC TrainerTHQ, '11 (PS3, 360, Wii)
  • HomefrontTHQ, '11 (PS3, 360)
  • UI and OSPanasonic, '10* (The Jungle)
  • RipsmartPandoodle, '10 (PC, browser)
  • Re-Mission 2HopeLab, '09 (PC)
  • Multi-Player BlackjackIGT, '09* (Coin-Op)
  • Blitz: The League 2Midway, '09 (PS3, 360)
  • Champions OnlineCryptic Studios, '09* (PS3)
  • Photo PartyMicrosoft, '08 (360)
  • Ballers: The Chosen OneMidway, '08 (PS3, 360)
  • Slugfest '06Midway, '06 (PS2)
  • Superman ReturnsElectronic Arts, '06 (PS2, XBox)
* SKU cancelled


  • Photoshop and UI wizardry with an eye for layout and typography.
  • Designing and implementing user interface solutions in accordance with art direction.
  • Performing "quick and dirty" prototyping with Flash or javascript.
  • Writing XML, parsers, batch files, source control integrations and other sundry automation.
  • Working within and scripting for multi-platform, multi-language art pipelines.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Perforce, Premier, After Effects, Maya, InDesign, Xui, Screen Studio, Unreal Editor


HTML/CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Scaleform API, Melscript, CG/HLSL, plus bits of PHP, Perl, Python, C++, and Dart.


  • Friendly and forthright with a natural tendency to integrate well into any group or setting.
  • Conscientious of personal contributions' impact or "wake" and how it affects team productivity.
  • Strong foundations in typography, photography, graphic, and user-interface design.
  • Works together with both art and engineering staff to help maintain coherence between departments.
  • Accustomed to balancing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Has an eye for streamlining artist work flow and minimizing human error through automation.
  • Highly absorbent, soaking up skills like a sponge or hand-towel.
  • Designs scripts and shaders to be extensible and re-usable in future projects.
  • +2 Dexterity, +1 Fire Resistance

Bandfuse: Rock Legends (PS3, XBox 360) - Realta Entertainment, 2013

Originally contracted for VFX, shaders, and particles. Duties expanded to include UI design, art asset creation and optimization, plus a few odds and ends like video production.
Bandfuse - Menu Fire VFX
The very first directive upon arrival was "Make some awesome fire behind those buttons".
Bandfuse - 4x player gameplay example
I owned VFX, scripting, and art for the gameplay screen. Got vocal pitch tracking in at the 11th hour.
Bandfuse - Note shader texture masks
To save memory, the shader for the notes used color masks. Also easier to update art assets that way.
Bandfuse - Positive feedback electric VFX
Shader used as positive feedback. Created undulating energy using a turbulence map.
Bandfuse - Negative feedback burn VFX
Shader used x-position and specialized alpha map to burn away missed notes.
Bandfuse - Tuner optimization
I got the tuner up from 10fps to 60fps and came up with the 'mute to advance' feature.

The GameMaster's Apprentice (Physical Card Deck) - Larcenous Designs Ltd., 2014

Layout, design, art, and scripted pdf generation pipeline for a card deck used to assist in table-top role playing.
GameMaster's Apprentice - Design
An astonishing amount of information can be packed into the final version of the template.
GameMaster's Apprentice - Kickstarter Page
Successfully kickstarted with 500% funding and all stretch goals.
GameMaster's Apprentice - Scripting
Created Python script to scrape spreadsheet data and generate cards, allowing for easy updates and new deck themes.

Naval Battles Prototype (Mobile/Web) - Blue Shift Inc., 2014

Prototype for stylized realtime ship-to-ship combat. Responsible for all art, UI/UX, and most of the front end code to make it go.
Naval Battles - Ship configuration
Different ship configurations are available. Eventual customization was planned.
Naval Battles - Combat gameplay
Players juggle crew, weapons, and cards in realtime. Flooding and armor both affect health.
Naval Battles - Cards
Weapons dealt damage, while cards could represent persistent effects or even support craft.

ToddleQuest (Mobile/Web) - 2011 (was cancelled)

Mobile fantasy themed gamified infant/toddler milestone tracking app. UX/UI, Wireframes and artwork. 2012
ToddleQuest - Babies chewing things illustration
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: No Profile
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: No Hero
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: Select Hero
ToddleQuest - Wireframe: Achievements
ToddleQuest - Babies swaddled illustration
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